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CFI was founded in November of 1993 by eleven installers who committed their time and talent to promote quality floor covering installation. As of 1999, over 500 Certifications have been conducted across the nation by a volunteer effort that began with this group.

Still Growing
The CFI continues to grow at an unbelievable pace from Montana to North Carolina to Maine to California. The total membership is now more than 10,000. Over 85 Certifications will be conducted during 2000. A record Certification was held in New Jersey, which was sponsored by four Distributors with 176 attendees. Carpet One is sponsoring Certifications, the LD Brinkman Company has selected CFI as the LD Brinkman University and Mohawk Industries and DuPont are co-sponsoring Certifications throughout the nation promoting CFI Certified Installers. There are 35 Chapters with new ones forming. The Chapters provide a source for continuing education and sharing of ideas between professional Installers.

Educational Courses
The CFI Technical Certification began in Dalton, Georgia over six years ago and is available to all in the Industry who are not Installers and are seeking information that will assist them in working with installers and their customers to resolve problems. This involves attending the Installation Seminar, taking the same tests as the Certified Installers and constructing seams to better understand what is involved in quality installation.  The 2000 Tech Conference is scheduled September 22-23. The CFI conducts Inspector and Estimator Courses, which focus on installation. Those who successfully pass the tests are included in the CFI Directory.

Quality Installers
Many in the architectural community have selected CFI craftspeople as their choice to provide quality installation to their clients.  Carpet Manufacturers such as Axminster Carpet, Barrett, Beaulieu, Burtco, Carriage, Couristan, Constantine, Collins & Aikman, Columbus, Coronet, Durkan, Gulistan, J. P. Stevens, Karastan, Lotus, Louis de Poortere, Masland, Milliken, Monterey, Mohawk, Queen, Patcraft, Shaw Industries, Stanton, and Wools of New Zealand are recommending CFI Installers to their Retailers. Many are using the CFI Installers to inspect and to provide customer satisfaction when problems arise. AMOCO, Carpet One, Home Depot, DuPont, Dow Chemical, Allied, Latter Day Saints Church, Synthetic Industries, Solutia, U. S. Government facilities, numerous school districts, city, state and federal facilities and retailers nationwide are recommending and using the CFI Installers.

The CFI celebrates seven years of continuous training and Certification in October of 2000. The sixth printing of the CFI Directory lists all Certified Installers, Associate Members and Technically Certified Member. This valuable tool assists the industry representatives in locating qualified Installers and is available only to the membership.

Installers may register for any Certification. The five categories of Certification are R-I Entry-level residential; R-II dense cut-pile, Berber and pattern carpets; C-I entry-level commercial; CI-II double-glue, attached backings and patterns; Master Category includes working with specialty carpets and hand sewing.  The Master Certification is a separate testing program.  All testing requires the installer to be proficient in seam construction, seam sealing, power stretching and stair upholstery.  The written test must be passed with an 80% grade. Study Guides are provided prior to testing to prepare the installers to achieve the required score.

Installer Guarantee
Certified Installers are required to attend two educational events each
year through the Distributor or Chapter networks. They are required to guarantee all workmanship for a period of one year, to dress and act as professionals with the understanding that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal. CFI Installers sign an agreement with CFI that any complaint registered against them must be rectified that is deemed to be their responsibility.  If this is not achieved, the CFI Certification is voided and information concerning this is published. As of September 1999, only fifteen complaints have been registered and all have been rectified to the satisfaction of the customer, with the exception of one.

THANK YOU Associates!
Much of the success of the CFI is credited to the support of over 400 Associate Members who have donated time, materials and financial assistance. CFI is looking forward to adding thousands of members during 2000 as the organization continues to promote pride and professionalism for the individual Installers.

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