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Hard surface flooring also available !!!!

Key Benefits

bulletQuality Workmanship
bulletPrompt courteous service
bullet1 yr. installation warranty

CFI Certified Installer #2457

Vinyl and Laminate Flooring Pricing

Minimum Installation Charge


Basic Installs

Soft goods (includes perimeter glue) $7.85/sq. yd

Hard goods $9.75/sq. yd

Laminate or vinyl plank flooring $2.75/sq. ft


Floor preparation (includes embossing and materials) 48.50/hr.

Toilet removal and replacement $55.00/ea.

Appliance removal and replacement $30.00/ea. (Ranges - N/C)

New underlayment (includes floor preparations &  materials ) $2.10/sq. ft

Sub floor work -Bid only

Trim metal $1 .75/ft installed.

Cove base $ .75/ln.ft. + base installed



Travel $1.10/mile on jobs over 30 miles (one way based charge)

Commercial Work - Bid Only

** 1 Year Installation Warranty **

Workman Compensation, Certificates of Insurance Liability and, references available upon request.


Home back Installation guidelines Vinyl Concerns

* Hire Certified Installers!  *


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