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Be sure to replace your carpet cushion when installing new carpet !

Carpet Cushion Selecting Cushion/Pad benefits

bulletStandard cushion: FHA approved 6lb. density (per cubic foot) with a 7/16 of an inch thickness
bulletBetter cushion: increased density, 8lb for firmer feel & less movement in carpet product   
bulletBerber cushion: specifically designed for Berber & loop carpets.




(density =lbs./cu. ft.)

Price/sq. yd.
Standard Cushion 7/16-6lb. $3.95
Better cushion 7/16-8lb. $4.49
Berber cushion (standard) 3/8-8lb. $3.95
Soft cushion 1/2-4lb. $2.95
Thick cushion 1/2-8lb. $4.75
24 oz. felt

40 oz. felt

oz/cubic ft.  $3.45



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